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curated by Gisela Gueiros

 Julia Brandão and Marcela Flórido

Julia Brandão and Marcela Flórido

Gisela Gueiros is an art historian, curator and Vogue Brasil correspondent working in New York. For her latest show, Gisela worked with artists artists Marcela Flórido, Julia Brandão, Cecilia Andre, Lisa Schilling and Sandra Jávera, focusing on notions of adaptability. 

NOT HOME celebrated the beauty improvisation. Unplanned events have less time to be digested or thought through but seem to want to exist as much as a pre-elaborated, extremely envisioned plans that try to fit in a more precise, limited, description.

Re-purposing locations, and having flexibility as a principle, this exhibition in a vacated apartment also mimics the fluidity of life in New York, where we are constantly adjusting – like water in a stream, finding the best way to keep moving ahead. What isn’t in the script may be clumsier, or less trimmed, but always surprisingly powerful. And most of all, open.