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< News & Events >

A Valentine’s Special: Illegal Fashion @ WhiteBox


February 14, 2017 | 6pm to 8pm

 Fashion by Maria de Los Angeles |&nbsp;Photograph by Patty Ann Delgnan

Fashion by Maria de Los Angeles | Photograph by Patty Ann Delgnan

Illegal Fashion @ WhiteBox curated by Maria de Los Angeles & Juan Puntes

Jesus, Moses and Mohammed were refugees.

In honor of the immigrant tradition that built this Republic composed of a populace escaping religious or economic horrors in their homelands—in turn decimating the original North American Indian population—and in front of a decidedly neo-fascist political moment in our history affecting much of the world, WhiteBox opens it’s democratic nonpartisan traditional doors to a Valentine’s Day celebration of cultural immigration, Government labeled “illegal.” This illegal movement composed of over eleven million laborious human beings, working jobs ranging from the menial but necessary jobs, to the cultural, academic and high tech industries, pays taxes and gets little in return.

Maria de Los Angeles and Juan sin Tierra invite you personally to collaborate in this project and/or help us pass the word around your circle of friends and colleagues via your private and social media to make it a success and provide fuel for the flame of what the best of this country stands for, freedom of expression, dignity, fun, home and liberty.

Run begins at 6pm at WhiteBox spilling into Broome street, ending at the Sarah Delano Roosevelt park where poets and orators will stomp, addressing the Downtown Sanctuary situation regarding the LES Latino and Chinatown communities.

Partial proceeds of exceptional sale of fashion garments and accessories, will benefit a Downtown Sanctuary center, TBA.

Valentine’s Party with open mic, DJ, live music, performances and lots of love at WhiteBox to follow.