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A Pop-Up Art & Music Show
Residing in Coustof Waxman Annex

December 9 – 15, 2016
10 Montgomery Street, New York.

BombPop!Up Productions presents I WANT TO BELIEVE, a six-day Art & Music Residency at Coustof Waxman Annex in New York City. I WANT TO BELIEVE explores how conspiracy theories, paranoid styles, and fringe aesthetics are shaping alternative histories as well as our current reality. Especially relevant in light of 2016’s unending election season, its result, and the continuing campaign of misdirection by the President-Elect, I WANT TO BELIEVE is about creating a space for interpreting information, opening dialogue, and actively making a better now, for a better future, together. BPU02 proposes to recognize and reassess together how our bodies are connected to the technologies that shape us and how we are building a synthetic view of the world driven by a utopian pursuit. The storefront space will host a group show of 2-D, 3-D, & video work that explores the intersections between faith, fear, politics, & popular culture. A print project — a pamphlet of artist-made “conspiracies” — will be available for the duration of the show.