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Performative Gestures


by Natusha Croes | Aruba

I have conducted a series of performances this year that aims to evoke a rather personal narrative. My performances deem as a frame for me to transmit and appropriate the personal—the vulnerable states that looks for a way out and a state of being through my practice.

Last year occurred a crucial turn and my interest expanded towards the medium of sound and performative installations (creating spaces for the execution of narratives). Through an experimental week with organic elements and the creation of soundscapes I landed upon Room 240 which acted out as a stepping stone for my interest in playful zones of vulnerability.

When I moved to Aruba in December my research continued with the activation of landscape objects for the purpose of sound/ mantric melodies that form a gateway towards the revelation of characters that speaks rather poetically about all the emotional turbulence that comes with existential questions dealing with modern Caribbean identity and the stories and vulnerabilities that shapes it.

Hereby Tactus came to exist, which is for me an ongoing project and a zone of exploration.
I'm going to shape-shift it in as many manifestations as possible.
Since it forms a vehicle for the poetics that i want to give birth to through my work.